This Halloween makeup look usually features a decorative ring around each eye. So when it came to designing it for my brand, with face jewels in mind, I thought I have to create a ring of jewels. A super simple idea but it would make it so easy for someone to create this Halloween look. Not everyone is a makeup artist at the end of the day and some people don’t have time or like to spend too much time getting ready. This jewel features two rings and a few gems for the centre of the forehead and voila. Team it with a white painted face, skull lips and the pink and silver glitter that comes within the kit and you’re Halloween ready.


I think this has been the most popular Halloween costume for the last few years since the release of the film Suicide Squad. It only seemed right creating a face jewel and glitter for this DC Comics character. The face jewel might look simple but it really adds a touch of sparkle to the Harley Quinn look. You will find red, blue and black heart jewels and a red and blue glitter in the pack to recreate this look. The glitter looks great smeared down each eye, don’t you think?


I’ve got you sorted this Halloween if you want to do something cute and pink; everyone loves a Unicorn! This gem is a statement piece and looks fabulous paired with a pink wig, outfit and unicorn horn. You can’t be all cute for Halloween though, so why not create some glitter crying tears with the pink, iridescent glitter that comes in the pack?!

My collection doesn’t stop there though. If you’re not really into the whole face jewel thing, then why not opt for a bit of sparkle within your makeup instead with my Halloween glitter.

So what are you waiting for? Get Halloween ready with Sophie Hannah right here.




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