With Christmas upon us, I thought I’d inspire you all with some party makeup ideas using Sophie Hannah glitter! I’ve got 5 fabulous ideas for you, that are all really simple to create. I don’t know about you but it’s always nice to add a little bit of sparkle to your makeup throughout the party season. Glitter party makeup works so well with every party setting; think about your makeup sparkling away against the twinkling Christmas lights and tinsel. 


A black feline flick is such a popular eye choice for party makeup. But have you ever thought about mixing it up a little bit and adding some glitter? Create your flick as you would normally, making it a little thicker, and once it’s dried add some eyelash glue on top. Then all you need to do is grab a small brush, a lipstick brush works well for this, wet it slightly so the glitter sticks to it and then apply the glitter onto the eyelash glue. The Sophie Hannah Luna Glitter was used for the party makeup look above. It works really well as it’s fairly fine.


Another super easy way of adding glitter to your party makeup is just to apply it over your whole eyelid. I find it works better when you apply a similar eyeshadow colour on your lid first and keeping your eye closed add eyelash glue over the top. Then again grabbing a small brush, make it wet so the glitter sticks and apply glitter where you’ve applied the eyelash glue. If I’m creating this look, I usually just apply glitter to the top of my lid and blend a black eyeshadow in the under outer corners of both eyes. For the party makeup look above, the Sophie Hannah Moon Beam Glitter was used and it works great for this style of glitter makeup. You’re probably wondering what the star gems are within the look and well… Surprise! These are one of the Sophie Hannah Eye Jewels launching on Black Friday.


I think this has to be one of my favourite ways of wearing glitter for the party season. I personally find it looks best when this look is paired with a feline flick, so when creating this look I always create the flick first. Then I add a line of eyelash glue under my eye, and again taking a small brush I apply the glitter over the eyelash glue. I like to take the glitter right out towards the end of the feline flick as I think it just brings the whole party makeup look together. This look was created with the Sophie Hannah Blue Moon Glitter.


You all know the glitter tears look is one of my favourites, I spent all summer creating it at festivals. However, it also makes the perfect party makeup and in the look above I’ve used the Sophie Hannah Luna Glitter. This eye look allows you to get creative as you can play around with different eyeshadow colours. Once you’ve applied your shadow, you can then pick a glitter to match. You start by applying eyelash glue in an upside down triangle shape under both eyes and then apply glitter over the top, keeping within the shape. It’s as simple as that, but looks very cool. If you want to add even more glitter, you can also add a little to the middle of your eyelids.


Excuse the title of this look, I wasn’t sure what to call it. The last idea I have for you all is adding a tiny bit of glitter to the centre of each eyelid, over the top of an eyeshadow look. Again, this particular party makeup look allows you to get creative and experiment with different colours. In the image above the Sophie Hannah Stardust Glitter has been used which works really well as the base eye makeup consists of pink tones.

So that’s it! My 5 top party makeup ideas for you all using the Sophie Hannah glitters! I hope you’ve been inspired for the party season! I’d love to see your looks, so don’t forget to tag @sophiehannahbeauty on Instagram or Facebook.


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